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The Supreme Meal VegLife 24.7 oz Powder

The Supreme Meal VegLife 24.7 oz Powder

$ 27.99 

The Supreme Meal by VegLife 24.7 oz Powder The Supreme Meal 24.7 oz Powder Product Imagine...a planet where the soil is fertile the air and water are clean all are fed and the many human cultures celebrate their diversity treating each other and all living things with mutual respect. In this compassionate world Nature is treated as a community of interconnected Life. We at VegLife are committed to helping create the Peaceful Planet by providing premium quality supplement free of animal by-products. The Supreme Meal shake mixed easily in beverages to make a great-tasting meal in a glass. The Supreme meal shake is power-packed with protein vitamins minerals and phytonutrients from nutritionally dense superfoods. These superfoods include quinoa millet amaranth and broccoli sprouts that are freeze-dried to help assure maximum retention of enzyme activity. Also included in each serving are approximately 2 000 mg each of spirulina and organic flax meal.