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Super Male Vitality in 2 OZ Bottle - Super Male Vitality™ is the result of ancient wisdom reinterpreted over several years in the light of modern equipment and analysis.

Super Male Vitality in 2 OZ Bottle - Super Male Vitality™ is the result of ancient wisdom reinterpreted over several years in the light of modern equipment and analysis.

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Introducing Super Male Vitality™

As men age, they may often experience a slow-down in vitality, energy, sexual drive, and overall wellness. Super Male Vitality™ is specifically designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in males, and has been used by Alex Jones in order to maximize vitality when working up to 12 hours a day or more in the fight for freedom.

“When I spoke to Dr. Edward Group about formulating a male vitality formula, I was excited about the idea of what it could do for me. Folks, let me tell you, this product works so well for me that I actually had to stop taking it before I go on air or else I would want to do hours and hours of overdrive with complete focus on the topics at hand.

There's no question that Super Male Vitality really works for me, and there's a reason that the entire process took more than 5 years to develop. Other products are priced way higher that claim to boost your vitality, yet they still may contain additives, fillers, you name it. The key with Super Male Vitality and all of the other products under Infowars Life has always been to never sacrifice on quality while still offering it at an even lower price than many of the products that are loaded with low quality ingredients. This is literally an infusion of the highest quality sources and naturally derived essences. I only bring the best formulations and products to my listeners, and Super Male Vitality has passed all of my expectations” - Alex Jones

What are the Health Benefits of Super Male Vitality™?

  • Super Male Vitality™ is designed to aid the body in ways that may help support normal testosterone levels in men.
  • With a focus on improving sexual vitality, Super Male Vitality™ may help in the stimulation of libido and sex drive.
  • Super Male Vitality™ features a unique formula that is completely free of GMOs (genetically modified ingredients), harmful additives, gluten, and ismade right here in the USA.
  • Super Male Vitality™ is the only Spagyrex™ processed male vitality support product on the market.
  • Promotes your body's own natural responses and does not use synthetic chemicals.

The Invention of Super Male Vitality™

Super Male Vitality™ is the result of ancient wisdom reinterpreted over several years in the light of modern equipment and analysis.

The history of Super Male Vitality™ is based on the proprietary Spagyrex™ process, which was invented during extensive research on the hormone deficiency that males may experience after they age. Male hormones such as testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone can decrease with age, which may lead to a lack of energy, as well as loss of male vitality.

This led researcher Dr. Group on a six year journey to create the most powerful herbal male hormonal support product on the market. It all started by studying a combination of herbs that have been traditionally understood to enhance and regulate hormones as well as the works of the most famous 16th century healer, scientist and formulator, Paracelsus.

Paracelsus originally composed the word Spagyria (Spagyry), which means to extract (spao) and combine (ageiro). The word was used to describe the process and power of turning a preparation of herbs into a liquid formula dedicated to enhancing health.

This original technology was taken and advanced by using the science of modern day technology.

The Spagyrex™ process used in Infowars Life products combines ancient and current technologies to create a revolutionary, multi-step, proprietary herbal formula technique that does not chemically change the natural ingredients. This follows the principle of separating and recombining all the elements of an herb, to extract the most powerful essence of its healing nature.

Super Male Vitality™ Ingredients:

Please note: while these Asian and South American herbs have been available individually in specialty herb shops in the United States for decades, we have brought them together in a unique combination for you.

Tribulus terrestris (fruit)

Tribulus terrestris is a vigorous plant integrated into the Super Male Vitality™ formula as it is traditionally believed to aid in stimulating the libido and supporting normal hormone levels. Numerous benefits regarding vitality are attributed to the plant by men worldwide.

Suma (root)

Suma is a ground vine with deep roots. It is native to the Amazon and other parts of South America. Suma has been described as an "aphrodisiac and sexual tonic" that has been in use for nearly 300 years. It's even been called "the Russian Secret" due to its use by Russian athletes.

Ashwaganda (root)

Better known as Indian ginseng, ashwaganda has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a key ingredient that may help to enhance energy and mental function.

Maca (root)

Maca, or Peruvian ginseng, is a vigorous plant that grows atop the Andes. Maca was made popular by indigenous tribes in Peru who have used the root for purposes of vitality for quite some time.

Avena sativa (root)

Also known as the common oat, avena sativa contains natural compounds that may help support normal hormone levels and encourage a healthy sexual response in men.

Tongkat ali (root)

Tongkat ali, or Malaysian ginseng, is traditionally held to support normal hormone levels, which may help to stimulate libido and promote a healthy sexual response.

Catuaba (bark)

Native to the Amazon, catuaba is a small, flowering tree. Its bark was discovered by the Tupi tribe and described as having qualities that may aid in male libido function.

Muira puama (bark)

Muira puama is a small tree native to the Amazon. Practitioners of Brazilian herbal medicine reportedly use muira puama bark as what has been described as an "aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant."

What Are The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Super Male Vitality™?

1. What is andropause? Andropause has been detailed as the decline of hormones, including testosterone, in aging men. Information states that the process may be the catalyst for other changes, such as loss of libido, sexual function, physical changes, and depression.

2. When does andropause begin? According to the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, for many men, testosterone levels drop at or around age 40  By age 50, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and depression are increasingly common.

3. What other factors affect testosterone production? Men with certain conditions may experience a drop in testosterone production. Information also reveals lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and a lack of exercise may be involved as well.