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Sleep Tonight - 28 - Tablet from Enzymatic Therapy

Sleep Tonight - 28 - Tablet from Enzymatic Therapy

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Why a natural sleep aid that manages stress?† Because a good day starts with a good night:† A sound night's sleep leads to an increase in daytime alertness, reaction time, and a positive mood.† Sufficient sleep also gives you the energy to complete your daily activities:† Everyday stressors cause stress hormones in your body to become elevated. Specific herbs have been clinically shown to reduce stress hormone levels and support your body's relaxation response.† Why Sleep Tonight!™† stress-reducing sleep aid†? Get Results On Day One!†** Sleep Tonight!™† is clinically shown to reduce stress hormones by more than 60% after the first use!†** It works tonight for a better tomorrow:† This valerian-free, non-habit forming formula helps: Promote deeper sleep.† Enhance daytime focus and attentiveness.† Replenish natural stress defenses.† Rejuvenate your system.† Sleep Tonight!™† allows your body time to relax and rebuild from occasional stress.† You can greet tomorrow refreshed and focused to take on the day!† ** Results based on a 28-day clinical trial. Recommendations Recommendations: For adults, one tablet before bedtime. Increase to two tablets during times of high stress. Safe for use every night.