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Healing Lotion Bar

Healing Lotion Bar

$ 8.95

Gilley's lotion bar is made of rich emollient butters to help soften rough, dry skin. Almond butter is a best known for it's high levels of essential fatty oils, Mango butter is high in vitamins A and E to moisturize. Shea butter leaves skin with a smooth, satiny finish. Jojoba oil is the closest to skins actual sebum while essential oils of Lavender for calming irritation, Frankincense for healing, Sweet birch & Wintergreen for inflammation and refreshes tired skin. These blended with beeswax make a very convenient, enriching and easy to use bar that can be carried in purses, back packs or pockets. Packaged in a tin, transporting and using it is easy! Just warm for a minute in your hand then apply by rubbing over dry, cracked skin, especially helpful for heals, elbows and any dry spots.


2.3 ounce bar in covered tin