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Happy Hair Oil

Happy Hair Oil

$ 9.95

Your poor hair. It's right out there, protecting your head, taking the pollution, the dirt and dust. Washing it is sometimes the worst thing we can do! Sulfates and chemicals in our shampoos and products dry, corrode and strip the hair and follicles, wrecking havoc on our scalp. This blend of 5 ingredients can help restore life and may even encourage growth.

The Castor oil base helps with vitamin E, proteins and minerals that nourish and protect while 4 essential oils blend to create an oil that gives your hair a fighting a chance.

Cedarwood and Rosemary promote healthy scalps and hair, even stimulating follicles. Frankincense helps with cell regeneration and is antiseptic. Progessence Plus Serum (https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/progessence-plus-serum) is a blend of oils and extracts specifically for adding life and balance with incredible toning ingredients. Blended together, they create an unsurpassed serum for your hair.

A small amount massaged into the scalp for several minutes twice daily almost guarantees stronger, healthier hair and scalp. Best if kept away from light.

1/2 ounce frosted bottle with treatment pump