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Fresher Hair Dry Shampoo

Fresher Hair Dry Shampoo

$ 7.95

There are times when it's just not convenient to wash up those nasty locks. Too oily, smelly or just lifeless, this all natural powder is an excellent picker upper! It eliminates smell (smoke, grease, yuck) and oil giving your hair a fresh, clean smell. It adds volume and you can massage it to your scalp and either brush through your hair or leave it alone for a tousled look.

Start with a quarter size shake in your palm, rub your hands together and distribute by rubbing all the way to your roots. Do this several times and you won't believe how good you feel. It starts with arrowroot powder to absorb oil, bentonite clay for soothing and relieving itch, backing soda for smell. Then we add pure, undiluted essential oils like chamomile and lavender to comfort your poor scalp, lemon myrtle for germ killing, orange & grapefruit for smell, wintergreen, frankincense and rosemary for scalp health. This will become a product you won't want to be without! Comes in white or cocoa colors.


2 ounce glass jar

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