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Fluoride Shield - Help support the elimination of toxic forms of fluoride and other dangerous compounds like mercury, chlorine, and bromine.

Fluoride Shield - Help support the elimination of toxic forms of fluoride and other dangerous compounds like mercury, chlorine, and bromine.

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Experience Fluoride Shield today and enter the battle on the front lines against globalist poison.

The war against toxic forms of sodium fluoride is heating up, and for a limited time we are offering a deep discount on the proprietary Fluoride Shield formula in order to give you the chance to experience it for yourself.

Introducing Fluoride Shield™

An exclusive blend of key herbs and ingredients specifically infused within the formula to help support the natural elimination of toxic forms of fluoride and other dangerous compounds like mercury, chlorine, and bromine through the intestinal track.

For years, Infowars has been fighting to remove forms of fluoride from the water supply, with much support from around the world. There have been victories in counties around the United States, and even the removal of sodium fluoride as far away as Germany, the Netherlands, and other nations.

But while we may not be able to remove toxic forms of fluoride from the global water supply just yet, we can actively make the decision to help remove it from our bodies. You may even have a water filter at home to help remove toxic substances from the water, but you may not yet actively be working to help remove these toxic substances from your body.

The Invention of Exclusive Fluoride Shield

Following years of research and the request of listeners worldwide, Alex teamed up with Dr. Edward Group to find a solution to addressing the accumulation of toxic fluoride substances within the body. Ultimately, this led to countless hours of research on behalf of Dr. Edward Group, who began in late 2012 to find the highest quality ingredients when it came to supporting the body in the removal of toxic halogens.

Here's what Dr. Edward Group had to say in regards to his 20-year-long specialized detoxification methods research:

"After years of research I am excited to announce one of the greatest product breakthroughs of all time, Fluoride Shield™. The creation of this product came from the request of Anthony Gucciardi in late 2012, when he asked me if there was a product that could help people cleanse toxic fluoride from their system and help rejuvenate the pineal gland from calcification. I thought this was a great idea and started working on a product that has never been created before, yet is based on traditional herbal principles,  with such a unique blend of ingredients for the purpose of shielding fluoride from the body.

This led to countless days and hours spent creating the most powerful vegetable glycerin based herbal fluoride cleanser on the planet. My research started by looking into the past and studying the damaging effects of fluoride in the body, dating back to the early 1900’s. First, I had to select the right ingredients, known by herbalists for centuries. Then, I put to use a revolutionary, multi-step processing technique to extract the most powerful essence of the herbs and overall ingredients into a final blend which is harmonious and beneficial to the body, but without chemical changes to the natural ingredients. The ingredients chosen had to be either certified organic or grown under organic conditions, in balance with nature to obtain superior quality and potency.

The ingredients then had to be carefully dried with low heat and humidity, so that the ingredients could be processed in the liquid phase. Then, the ingredients proceed through a cold processing technique that preserves the plant’s components, including enzyme activity, vitamins and co-factors and fragile essential oil complexes. We also capture heavy ‘mole weight’ essential aromatic components and sterols, oleoresins, (lipids and waxes), resinoids, high density polysaccharides and other constituents, all in their ratio-intact state.

The ingredients in Fluoride Shield™ are not made or extracted using alcohol like most tinctures on the market. Our ingredients are extracted using USP Kosher-Certified Vegetable Glycerin. The process we use preserves the botanical’s constituents and stabilizes all the various components and energetic signatures because of its unique chemical nature.”