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115 Hour Candle + Fire-safety, Windproof Protective Globe

115 Hour Candle + Fire-safety, Windproof Protective Globe

$ 29.99 

When it comes to lights out, these 115+ hour candles are the surefire lighting alternative you need. As the name implies, these candles burn for 115 hours straight. If you consider the amount of daylight you have each day, and the time spent sleeping, you’ll quickly realize that these candles will only need to burn for a few hours each day, leaving you with weeks of candle light for your home.

While the candles are great for indoor use during power outages, they’re also an ideal addition to your back patio, camp sites, or just for a pleasant atmosphere for dinner or during the holidays.

These 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candles are smokeless, odorless, and clean burning, which makes them safe for indoor use.

  • Comes packaged with a plastic storage cap to prevent messy spills
  • Recommended to have in each emergency kit and room as part of an emergency plan
  • A thoughtful neighbor, friend or family gift

**Protect the flame of your 100-hour Emergency Candle from drafts or wind with this clear plastic globe.